CC Ādi 13.119

aiche śacī-jagannātha,putra pāñā lakṣmīnātha,
pūrṇa ha-ila sakala vāñchita
dhana-dhānye bhare ghara,
lokamānya kalevara,
dine dine haya ānandita
aiche — in that way; śacī-jagannātha — mother Śacīdevī and Jagannātha Miśra; putra — son; pāñā — having obtained; lakṣmī-nātha — personally the husband of the goddess of fortune; pūrṇa — fulfilled; ha-ila — became; sakala — all; vāñchita — desires; dhana-dhānye — with riches and grains; bhare ghara — the house filled up; loka-mānya kalevara — the body beloved by the people in general; dine dine — day after day; haya — becomes; ānandita — pleased.
In this way mother Śacīdevī and Jagannātha Miśra, having obtained a son who was the husband of the goddess of fortune, had all their desires fulfilled. Their house was always filled with riches and grains. As they saw the beloved body of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu, day after day their pleasure increased.

Lord Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Therefore everyone offered respects to Him. Even the denizens of heaven used to come in the dress of ordinary men to offer their respect to the Lord. His father and mother, Jagannātha Miśra and Śacīdevī, seeing the honor of their transcendental son, also became very pleased within their hearts.